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Ripex Customer Service Number +1-800-509-3075

Rippex is a brand created and maintained by Netmint Intermediação de Serviços e Negócios LTDA. Rippex Support Phone Number and technical services are created and developed by a team with extensive experience in IT and in dealing with digital assets.A Rippex account allows deposits and withdrawals to and from Ripple accounts, so users can send payments to other Ripple accounts, buy and sell several assets.Our services are based in three pillars

Security: We invest to offer a secure access to digital assets.
Agility:we work to deliver faster and more integrated services
Credibility: the soundness and transparency of our services reinforces the trust of our users.

What is a Ripple gateway?
A Ripple gateway is a bridge between the Ripple network and external assets, ensuring convertibility between Ripple issuance’s and the corresponding assets.

About the Rippex Protocol
The ripple protocol is an opensource decentralized network for financial transactions. It is not controlled by any central authority.

Ripple processes irreversible payments that are completed in seconds. In addition, its native digital currency, XRP, allows users to settle transactions without bureaucracy in a worldwide network.

Rippex Support Number