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What is Buyabitcoin and how does it work?

Buyabitcoin is a straightforward buying and selling service. You can send it AUD to receive bitcoin in return, or send it bitcoin to receive AUD.

You buy at Buyabitcoin, and sell at Sellabitcoin.

The speed, ease and simplicity of transfers might be its most attractive feature.

There’s no signup required, and buying or selling is as simple as filling out a form on the website and making a transfer.

To buy at Buyabitcoin.com.au:

  • Enter either the amount of bitcoin you want to buy, or the amount of AUD you want to spend.
  • Select whether you want to pay AUD to a Buyabitcoin account at Westpac Banking Corporation (known to all as Westpac) or Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ). Your choice might affect your bank transfer fees.
  • Enter your bitcoin wallet address

To sell at Sellabitcoin.com.au:

  • Enter either the amount of bitcoin you want to sell, or how many AUD you want to buy with your bitcoin.
  • Enter your bank-state branch (BSB) number and account details.
  • Select whether or not you’re registered for GST

In both cases you will also need to accept the terms and conditions, and enter your email address and phone number.

What are my payment options?

Whether you’re buying or selling, you’ll need to have:

  • An Australian bank account to send AUD when buying bitcoin, or to receive AUD when selling bitcoin.
  • A bitcoin wallet – To receive bitcoin when buying bitcoin, or send bitcoin when selling bitcoin and BuyaBitcoin support phone number.

What are the fees?

Buyabitcoin charges a 4.9% commission fee on your bitcoin purchases, but no fees for selling.

It also earns revenue from the spread between buying and selling prices.

What are the transfer limits?

Whether buying and selling, the maximum amount that can be transferred at once is AUD$9,000, and the minimum is AUD$200. For More information :- Call Me +1800-509-3075