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Among the various other digital exchanges, Hitbtc is one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that have been introduced from an unknown location. Its operation is conducted by Hit Techs Limited. In other words, it may also be described as an exchange that possesses the intuitive interface which may easily be managed by new users.  It provides a strong tool set that is based on the capability to meet the requirement of superior users. Its most attracting feature is that it offers support for trade of both fiats as well as a cryptocurrency.

Considering the above-said features, we may say that it is a multi-faceted cryptocurrency exchange and trading platform that holds the stand support for over 150 tradable digital assets along with cryptocurrencies, tokens and initial coin offerings. Hitbtc was introduced in the year of 2013. Despite various useful features, it is bound to stumble upon the issues all of sudden as it cannot be avoided that it is a hi-tech wing. Even in that case, users don’t need to lose their calmness. They need to call our HitBTC Exchange Support Number only.

More Facts about HitBTC

HitBTC offers the high liquidity as well as the facility of multi-language support encompassing live “trollbox” for its users. In addition to these, it is has been equipped with advance application developing protocols i.e. REST, API and FIX API is present at low fees. Other appreciable properties are that it is stable and available for order-matching engine. Overall it is an amazing invention in the world of digital currency exchange.

Have a look at Hitbtc fees and charges

Apart from several other beneficial attributes of HitBTC Exchange Phone Number, another one is that you may create a general account and get started with it without paying any fee. This is what straightforwardly addresses that there is no fee for conducting the account creation procedures. However there no provision for paying a fee has been imposed to deposit cryptocurrencies on this digital platform but those who want to deposit the fiat currency will be a subject to pay fee according to the size of their deposit and currency that is being utilized.  Most often comparatively affordable fees are charged by this platform on trades. When we talk about the immediate transaction it incurs a 0.1% execution fee but the non-immediate transactions are permitted for 0.01% rebate.

Tactics to Purchase Bitcoin with HitBTC

For the purpose of purchasing the Bitcoin using Fiat currency through Hitbtc Exchange, you will be required to perform verification of your account. To follow the sign-up process for a general account with Hitbtc, you may simply pay a visit to the provided site and move forward for the accomplishment of registration process utilizing an email address and password. Thereafter you will be required to make confirmation of your email address prior to activating your account.  With the help of general account, you will be able to deposit trade and withdraw cryptocurrencies with avoidance of any more steps.  Now if you desire to fund your account with fiat then it would be mandatory for you to execute the verification process.

The steps that combine the entire process for verification:

  • In the first step, there will be requirement for navigating the “settings” icon.
  • After that, you will be required to select Account Verification Tab
  • Later to these, you will be required to execute the steps and compile the necessary documentation to send using email to Hitbtc.

The information that needs to be inserted:

Other personal information along with name, address

Information related to a bank account.

  • Color copies of supporting documents which incorporate the following
  • Identity document
  • Proof of residence and proof of bank account ownership like a bank statement.

When the whole process gets finished regarding compiling then you will be required to execute the stipulated directions that instructs you how to implement the procedures of scanning and submitting the files.

Most often, the process of verification gets over in three to five days whereas the incoming requests get placed in the queue and hence you may have to wait longer.

Note: In case of any trouble, you may dial our HitBTC customer service number 1-800-509-3075 without any delay to ask for help.

Methods to make a trade on HitBTC

The foremost questions that strike to user’s mind are that how to start trade on Hitbtc? Thus if you are searching an idea, here we would like to simply declare that you may move on to start trading cryptocurrencies quickly after creating an account. Further, only the account verification is needed to trade the Bitcoin, Ether or any kind of digital currency being supported by HitBTC.

Let’s try to know that How secure HitBTC is?

HitBTC provides a wide range security option for users, encompassing automatic log out and facility of two-factor authentication to get logged in, withdrawal and access to account configuration. In addition to all these, it is capable of maintaining a record of log-in history that may also be viewed later and you will also get an email notification. Hitbtc provides the facilities of cold storage wallets to select the cryptocurrencies for its users so that they may also make use of it as offline storage for their funds. Howbeit, if we focus on it then it is said to be relatively less secure to make use of third-party service for the cold storage. It is somewhat tough to judge the level of possible vulnerabilities to deputing a third-party with more or less full control for your asset.

Final Conclusion for HitBTC

Hitbtc incessantly keeps adding support for new cryptocurrencies that propels users to have it into consideration. Every month users are provided with new options to vote for a token which acts as the best opportunity for user’s involvement in utilizing the Exchange. Besides to the regular incorporation of new tokens and ICO’s Hitbtc has also introduced the facility of over-the-counter trading to its websites. As per the latest new, this feature is yet to be released. Hitbtc users may quickly call us dialing our Hitbtc Exchange Number if any issue arises with them in its hassle-free operation.

HitBTC Exchange Support Number

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