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About Binance

Binance, a China based digital exchange company that allows users to have healthy trading platform with full security check. It has recently come into access and offers both Basic and advanced exchanges making it easy for the beginners to carry out simple trades and provide the professionals to have complex and advanced options such as margin trading. In 2017, July Binance began live trading. It has good place in cryptocurrency world due to its low trading fees, customer support and safety guard. Either you are professional or just a new one to crypto world. It is become so popular due to its some factors such as multiple language availability, enables functioning in extremely high speed as well as very nice user interface. It is a direct platform to buy and sell digital currencies through Binance exchange, while handling complex trading. In this era, there is multi-digital platform, to choose from them is a great task for the users.


• Android
• Web
• WeChat
• PC client

Know about the Cost to use Binance

Creating account online or downloading the Binance mobile app is totally free. The user may acquire fees while withdrawing funds from Binance and the fees vary depending upon the crypto currency. When having exchange on Binance there will be set 0.1% fee on every trade. Binance has recently issued its own token, BNB. It allows the users to pay any kind of fees obtain on the exchange. The token values fluctuate but are tradable.

Do you want to buy Bitcoin in Binance?

The digital platform avails to trade cryptocurrencies. Therefore it is not accessible for FIAT wired deposits. To buy Bitcoin on another cryptocurrency with euros, US Dollars or another fiat currency they have to search another platform. There are number of exchanges that deal with fiat trades but when we talk about Binance, it does not plan to support fiat trading.

How would you trade with Binance exchange?

• There will a Register option on main website. The user has to select this option and follow the steps to create the new account. The email address has to be verified to activate account.
• Once you receive the confirmation of your new account, the user can login into Binance using their email id and password.
• Navigate to funds tab and select Withdrawal/deposit, to deposit funds into the account. Find the currency you wish to trade and choose deposit option.
• There will be deposit address for the currency of the user’s choice and the user may use the QR code provided or can copy the alphanumeric code.
• If the user has funds on third party account they can send to Binance address by pasting in the code or through QR code.
• When the transaction is in process of being confirmed, it comes in “In Order” tab.
• If funds appear in “Available Balance” tab you can trade. To start with trades go to “Exchange” tab and select either “Basic” or “Advanced”.
• Set the currency pair you want to trade, confirm the details and then click on “Buy” button.

Ways to Secure the Account

The Binance platform has access for 2-factor authentication and Google Authenticator to verify the withdrawals and security modification. In order to verify the account, the user must have one of these features. Currently, it is known that Chinese phone numbers are supported with 2-factor authentication. The Binance policy says that it stores some of the user’s information such as IP address on its servers. If the customer faces any kind of trouble then they must contact on Binance Support Number and convey the concerned issue to team group. The experts will resolve the problem without any delay.

Merit and Demerits

• It has two types of exchanges-Basic and Advanced.
• Multiple language support
• High level of liquidity
• Low fees on withdrawal and transactions.
• Offers own BNB token that reduces the trading fee.
• Support different cryptocurrencies.

• Some Android users have complained about the difficulty in operating.
• Presently, only the China phone supports 2-factor authentication.

The customers of Binance if ever facing trouble in accessing the account must connect to us through Binance service number to overcome the set issue. The alternate way to get in touch is through Binance Online phone number if the users are unable to connect offline.

Binance Customer Support Number


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